It’s a universal wish few are ashamed to hide: we’d love to be able to wake up, splash on a little makeup and be out the door with perfect, effortless, flowing hair. But for most of us, waking up with Blake Lively’s sumptuous bouncy curls is little more than a pipedream.  

Until now.

Straight out of the salons in NYC and developed by revolutionary hair-disruptor Nick Arrojo, the American Wave was conceived to liberate women from the trials and tribulations of the curling iron and deliver long-lasting, natural wave texture — beach curls that last all summer long.

According to Mr. Arrojo, “American Wave is a professional salon service to create soft, natural-looking, wave and curl patterns, bounce, body and movement for those that want to make the graceful elegance and individuality of texture a part of their hairstyle and identity.”

Now that sounds like something any upstanding straight-haired girl would want to try.

If you’re tired of spending hours in the bathroom battling with unruly hair, when you’d much rather be enjoying a coffee before work, American Wave will free you from the exhausting effort of your wand curler.

Don’t Say the P-Word

Make no mistake about it. The Arrojo permanent curling process is NOT a “perm” (and don’t even think of asking your stylist for one). With American Wave, gone are the many hours spent splashed in noxious-smelling damaging chemicals. Instead, you’ll experience a new, gentler, healthy, and breathtaking form of curling made for the 21st century.

Women have developed a knee-jerk fear of perms and for a good reason. Who wants kinky, cookie-cutter hair that smells like a chemical plant and completely ignores the individuality of the person and the uniqueness of the hair in front of them?

For volume, texture, curls, and beach waves ARROJO American Wave is a quantum leap over the perms from the 70s and 80s. Not only can you and your stylist create the permanent blend of wave and curl, volume and fullness that you desire. You can also control frizz, add texture, movement or volume. And the best part of all — it smells like eucalyptus.  

How It Works

You should plan to be at the salon for a few hours, so clear your agenda (don’t even think about getting home in time for Ellen). Here’s what you’ll be in store for:

Step 1 – You’ll be properly prepped with a cape around your body and towels around your neck to ensure that no water or solution will trickle onto you.

Step 2 – The American Wave curling rods will be woven into your hair. There are two colors and shapes to form different size curls to give you a more natural look. The rods may also be rolled forward and backward to create more variety and texture into your waves.

Step 3 – Relax and wait. The ends of your hairline will be covered with dense cotton to prevent the solution from leaking. Then the curling rods will be saturated with the specially-designed American Wave blend, and a plastic wrapping placed over your head.

Step 4 – After about fifteen minutes, your hair will be neutralized and rinsed for a good ten minutes and then the rods removed.

Step 5 – Your hair will be gently towel-dried and then finger-combed with a blow dryer on a low setting.

Caring for Your New Wave

If you’re not already in love with your new waves, you will be after the next time you wash your hair. American Wave is specially-designed to be an effortless wash and go style allowing you to store your curling iron in the attic for good.

Every individual is unique, so you may tweak these suggestions to find the optimal solution for you. We recommend washing your hair every other day to allow your hair’s natural oils to give your follicles additional volume and vitality.

When you do wash your hair, make sure to use conditioner from the top of your hair to the roots and avoid your scalp. Before you rinse, give your hair a good finger combing. Then gently towel dry your hair and apply American Wave Elixir solution. If you’re in a rush, you can use a blow dryer on a low setting.

Bonus tip: some women find the best way to keep and add more volume is to air dry their hair and then sleep on it. Do what works best for you.

Look and Feel Your Best

Many people dream of having tantalizing texture, luscious waves, and magnificent
curls. For those clients who aren’t blessed with those attributes naturally, American Wave now makes that dream a reality.

After your American Wave treatment, for the next three to five months, every time you wash and dry your hair, it will look like it did the day you had it done. A beauty miracle to give you effortless beach waves and leave you feeling and looking your best.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about how American Wave can help you achieve natural texture, beachy softness, and lived-in waves, please feel free to contact us.