American Wave

For soft, natural-looking beach wave curls ideally suited for today’s style-conscious clients, ARROJO® American Wave is the latest breakthrough. Whether you’re looking to enhance volume, deepen texture, add curls, or create waves, this revolutionary service is the most innovative way to transform your hair.

The American Wave system employs sculpting hair setting techniques for fashion-forward, self-expressive looks. The specialized ionic waving lotion lessens stress on the hair, soothes the cuticles and promotes individualized wave patterns for those looking for disruption in self-expression and the permanent creation of fullness and texture.

American Wave can be used to:

  • Offer the permanent creation of wave and curl, volume, and fullness
  • Make hair more or less wavy or curly
  • Control frizz
  • Add texture, movement or volume

No hard chemicals or tools are used (the approach of old-fashioned perms). American Wave is softer, gentler, and longer-lasting, with looser waves only needing a touch-up every few months.

American Wave provides clients with:

  • Style support – Adds volume and thickness listless or fine hair. Fabulous for jazzing up blow-dries and styling sessions. Generates bounce and voluptuousness.
  • Beach Wave – Blends straight and wavy texture to produce sexy, tousled beach waves at the cutting edge of fashion and style.
  • Amplified waves and curls – Provides amazing, dynamic and resistant wave and curl patterns. A perfect fit for those who seek texture expansion.
  • Color wave – with ionic technology and eucalyptus scents, American Color Wave boasts a fresh assemblage of editorial setting techniques to make blowout waves compatible with bombshell blonde and other vivid and forward-thinking coloring service.

The Science Behind the Curl

Cysteamine Perm: American Wave is Non-thio, non-ammonia waving system. Using
Cysteamine and potassium, American Wave breaks between 10 to 20% of the hair bonds,
depending on the porosity, whereas a traditional perm breaks up to 80 to 90% of hair bonds.

Exothermic: American Wave creates its own heat, meaning the cuticle opens gently.

Ionic: Thio-based perms are negatively charged, increasing friction and frizz. Modern ionic technology means that American Wave is positively charged. With the negative charge of hair, American Wave and the hair are attracted to each other, reducing friction and frizz.

Deodorizer: Eucalyptus-scented deodorizer in the lotion and the Neutralizer.

Compatibility Guidelines: Hair with no previous chemical treatments is compatible with American Wave. Single process color up to 25% and highlights up to 25% are compatible with American Wave. American Wave is compatible with keratin, Brazilian blowout, Japanese straightening, and digital perms.

American Wave is suitable for clients with all hair types. If your hair is colored more than 25%, American Color Wave may be more compatible. Do not use American Wave with sodium hydroxide based products or henna.

American Color Wave

American Color Wave is a gentle, thio and ammonia-free natural processing, non-exothermic
permanent wave. The key waving ingredients are Cysteamine and Isopropanolamine. American Color Wave is compatible with almost all hair colors and compromised hair types, such as bleached and heavily highlighted hair. We recommend a porosity test for all bleached and heavily highlighted hair.

American Wave pH Levels | American Color Wave pH Levels
Activator: 3 to 4
Deodorizer: 3 to 4.5  |  Deodorizer: 3 to 4.5
Neutralizer: 3.65  |  Neutralizer: 3.65
Waving Lotion: 9.6 to 10.2  |  Waving Lotion: 0 to 8.4


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